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For those inspired by natural features and forms, the Topo table was designed to bring elements of the landscape into the home. 


The design of this piece incorporates a to-scale representation of the Cullin ridge, carved into the ash table top.


The Cuillin ridge is part of a breathtaking mountain range in the Isle of Skye. The ridge itself is steeped in mountaineering history - a two-day excursion of scrambling and climbing and 4000 meters of ascent, to panoramas of mountain and ocean - a true celebration of our British isles.


As climbers, this ridge encapsulates adventure, physical and mental challenge, and reminds us of the wildness here in the UK. However, we can create a table with any topographical feature that has meaning to you. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas with us. 


Material: Ash


Size :  950x410x400mm



Topo Coffee Table


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